John Heffron –  Wears OshKosh B’Gosh no.2 rugged, men’s hickory-striped bibs.

Brian Du Pont – Model Chenz-C upright bass.

Harvey Oltman –   Harvwhat’s the differnece between a fiddle and a violin?

“ift you put  yer instrument away in a fancy velvety padded case then its’ a violin – ift you jus hang it on a nail then its a fiddle. “

Rick Rosetto – Custom banjo made from an old drum head and a medium size possum. Actually it is a Deering Calico 5 string.

Dave LawsonUses those God given golden vocal cords… (Dave we need picture of your vocal cords here)

Mike Denny – Guitar – can make an Esteban sound like a Martin!  Mandolin “The Gibson”- He has upgraded to a Bona Fide Gibson F Style Jam Master!

Rich Rosetto  – Alvarez  Guitar and Duke Tee Shirt

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