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About Us

Motto : We play for food!

The Mountain Men are a group of Christian men from the Chillicothe/Lacon Illinois area who love to play Bluegrass,Gospel & Traditional music.

Bluegrass Style Vocals,Banjo,Fiddle/Violin,Mandolin,Upright Bass and Guitar

Band Members

Mike Denny

Mike Denny

Guitar & Mandolin

Mike has traveled the world in pro rock bands in his previous life - you may know him from bands such as "Say Uncle", "Tora Tora" or "Skeleton Crew". Mike is now our number one Mandolin player - and he can make "The Gibson" sing!

Brian DuPont

Brian DuPont


Brian has gone cold turkey from the comfort of his electric bass to playing the big dog house upright bass. He was initiated by playing in a gig after only one practice session on the big fiddle (a standard practice with the Mountain Men). But being the quick study that he is - he picked it up quickly and plays regularly (when he’s not adding members to his family!)

John Heffron

John Heffron

Guitar & Vocals

John plays great rhythms and always has an infectious smile. One of his full-time jobs is as the director of the Crossword Cafe - a Church-sponsored youth coffee house in Chillicothe. Favorite food - Fedora’s Potato Pizza. He once took an International tour - where he played in real Irish Pubs!

Dave Lawson

Dave Lawson


Dave has a rich deep voice as our lead vocalist. He was instrumental in the formation of the band. Way back in the 80’s he took Rick to Branson where he was inspired to learn the banjo which led to the formation of the Mountain Men. Little did he know...

Jim Mayberry

Jim Mayberry

Guitar & Mandolin

Jim has been a recent blessing to the band to add to our rhythm section on guitar – and he can sing and pick a mandolin too!

Durwin Nigus

Durwin Nigus


Durwin Nigus is our main "daytime" bass player. He is largely responsible for keeping us on time. We are so thankful for the rich tones of his low bass notes which fills out the sound pallet of a bunch of high squeaky instruments!

Harvey Oltman

Harvey Oltman


Harvey is our award-winning fiddle player. Wisdom from Harv - "you store a violin in a padded case but you just hang a fiddle on a nail".

Rick Rosetto

Rick Rosetto


Favorite movie - "Oh Brother Where Art Thou".
Super Power - He can clear a crowded room using only a banjo.

Ray Crow

Ray Crow

Mandolin & Guitar

Ray Crow is our newest member. He hails from Canton. Ray is multi talented - he sings, writes songs and plays anything with strings!
His specialty is guitar, vocals and Mandolin!

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  • 05/17/22 1:30pm

    Heritage Health - Outdoor concert - New Date

    Open to Public – bring a lawn chair


  • 6/04/22 11am

    City Park - Chillicothe

    Fundraiser for St Jude Runs

  • 07/20/22 2:00pm

    Pleasant Valley Lutheran Home

    Indoor Mountain Men Bluegrass concert

  • 08/09/22 2:30pm

    Washington Supportive Living

    Mountain Men Bluegrass concert

    Washington Supportive Living 1150 Newcastle Rd Washington Il.

  • 08/28/22 10:30am

    Green Valley IL

    Outdoor Gospel bluegrass service for the Sesquicentennial celebration on Sunday, August 28th, in Green Valley  IL.

  • 09/14/22 6:00pm

    Grace and Peace Lutheran Church

    Outdoor Gospel Bluegrass concert – bring a lawn chair

  • 09/17/22 1:00pm

    Mason City Fall Festival

    Outdoor Concert  – location – Big Tent on Tonia Street just south of Subway in Mason City (listen for banjos)

  • 10/22/22 9:00am

    Wedding - private

    Private party

  • 12/12/22 6:30pm

    Eureka Garden Club

    Free Mountain Men Bluegrass Christmas concert

  • 12/22/22 6:30pm

    Chillicothe Bible Church

    Annual Free Mountain Men Bluegrass Christmas concert